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Nebraska Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Nebraska drug charges defense attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nebraska Defending Against Drug Charges

The state of Nebraska is a hot spot for drug-related arrests. People who are traveling through the state may be pulled over by police officers for a variety of reasons, and searches of their vehicles may turn up controlled substances. This can lead to arrests and charges for drug trafficking, which is a very serious offense that can lead to severe penalties under Nebraska law. 

People from out of state who face drug charges can take steps to defend themselves with the help of a Nebraska criminal defense lawyer. At Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O., our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients against drug charges and other types of offenses. We understand the legal issues that can affect these cases, and we can help people take steps to protect their rights, respond to illegal practices by law enforcement, and defend against convictions.

Drug Charges for People Traveling on Major Nebraska Highways

People who drive on Interstate 80 and other major highways in Nebraska may be stopped by law enforcement based on alleged traffic violations. However, these traffic stops are often a pretext to investigate people who are suspected of transporting drugs. In some cases, officers may perform illegal searches without probable cause, or they may pull drivers over without having reasonable suspicion that an offense has occurred. If they find controlled substances during searches, a person may be arrested and charged with drug trafficking. 

Drug trafficking charges in Nebraska can result in serious penalties. In some cases, people may face state drug charges, which are typically felony offenses in cases involving large amounts of drugs. Federal drug charges may also apply if a person is accused of transporting controlled substances across state lines. These charges can be even more serious, and they can result in sentences of 10 years to life and millions of dollars in fines. Drug trafficking offenses may involve substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, or marijuana.

Cities and Jails in Nebraska

People who are arrested for drug trafficking in Nebraska may be detained in jails located in cities such as:

  • Omaha: The Douglas County Correctional Center is the primary facility for holding people accused of drug trafficking in the Omaha area.
  • Lincoln: The Lancaster County Jail serves as the main detention center in Nebraska's capital.
  • Papillion: The Sarpy County Jail handles drug-related cases in cities south of Omaha.
  • Seward: People traveling through areas west of Lincoln may be detained on drug trafficking charges at the Seward County Jail.
  • York: In central Nebraska, people charged with drug-related offenses may be booked at the York County Jail.
  • Grand Island: In the western central part of the state, the Hall County Jail may serve as a detention facility for drug trafficking cases.

Legal Help With Drug Crime Cases in Nebraska

Nebraska's law enforcement agencies, including state patrols and local police departments, are often on the lookout for people who they believe are engaging in drug crimes. They may view out-of-state drivers as suspicious, and they will be watching for potential reasons to pull someone over. Traffic stops may be performed because of violations such as speeding, illegal lane changes, entering the shoulder of a road or highway, erratic driving, broken taillights, or any number of other offenses. After pulling a driver over, they will look for any reason to perform a search and uncover evidence that could allow them to arrest a driver on drug charges. Drug-sniffing dogs will often be used, even in situations where there is no other reason to suspect that a driver is transporting controlled substances.

Understanding how to address the actions of law enforcement and defend against drug charges can be difficult, especially for people from other states who are unfamiliar with the legal system in Nebraska. A skilled Nebraska criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable legal help in these situations, ensuring that a person's rights will be protected, advocating for their rights, and working to defend against a conviction.

Contact Our Nebraska Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers

Following an arrest for drug charges while traveling through Nebraska, it is crucial to secure representation from an attorney who understands the legal issues involved in these cases and the best options for defense. At Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O., our attorneys work tirelessly to help our clients defend against charges of drug trafficking or other related offenses. Contact us today at 402-598-5789 to set up a free consultation and get the representation you need.

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