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When it comes to drug charges, few offenses reach the level of seriousness of drug manufacturing, which can be charged if an individual is accused of participating in any part of the narcotics production process. In Nebraska, punishments for a conviction are similar to those for possession with intent to distribute. This includes imprisonment from one year up to life.

If you face a drug manufacturing charge, you require adept and aggressive legal representation you can trust. At Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O., Attorney Tom Olsen, is a Former Assistant State Attorney General and Assistant Omaha City Prosecutor with more than three decades of trial experience. He has successfully defended thousands of clients on drug charges, including out-of-state residents pulled over on Interstate 80

What is Drug Manufacturing?

While growing marijuana plants or cooking methamphetamine in a home lab are obvious examples of narcotics manufacturing, there are numerous other roles in the production process that can result in criminal charges. This includes the sale of precursor chemicals or equipment used in illegal drug production, with knowledge of that use, and operational support of a drug operation, whether financial, technological, or otherwise.

When law enforcement charges individuals for alleged involvement in a narcotics operation, they are often overzealous with those initial charges to see what sticks. If you are the subject of a drug manufacturing investigation, it is imperative you seek legal assistance immediately. Attorney Tom Olsen will conduct a complete examination of your case to decide the best path to a favorable resolution and will fight tenaciously for your rights throughout.

Drug Manufacturing Charges

Marijuana manufacturing is charged as a Class IIA felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Punishments for production of meth or other substances include:

  • Less than 10 grams: Class II felony, imprisonment between one and 50 years;
  • 10 to 28 grams: Class ID felony, imprisonment between three and 50 years;
  • 28 to 140 grams: Class IC felony, imprisonment between five and 50 years;
  • Over 140 grams: Class IB felony, 20 years to life in prison.

As Nebraska's premier criminal defense attorney, Tom Olsen has represented clients from New York to California, in cases ranging from simple possession to intent to distribute hundreds of pounds of marijuana. He knows what it takes to attain the best possible outcome in your case.

Drug Production Defense Strategies

Attorney Tom Olsen will discuss all options with you to create an effective course of action. If law enforcement violated your rights, he will ask for a full dismissal. If negotiations with prosecutors or a plea agreement for reduced charges will produce the most agreeable conclusion, he will only make a deal that is ultimately in your best interests. Regardless of the circumstances, he will serve as your dedicated legal advocate every step of the way.

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With charges this serious, do not delay in calling Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. Attorney Tom Olsen is ready to begin your defense today. Contact a 24/7 York County drug crimes attorney at 402-598-5789 for a free consultation. We also serve clients in Lancaster County, Lincoln County, Dawson County, Lexington, North Platte, Buffalo County, Kearney, Grand Island, Aurora, Hall County, Hamilton County, Papillion, York County, York, Seward, and Sarpy County.

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