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Bellevue Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Bellevue drug crimes defense lawyer

Attorney in Bellevue Defending Against Drug Possession, Manufacturing, and Distribution

There are many situations where people in Bellevue, Nebraska may be charged with drug crimes. Residents of Bellevue, Sarpy County, or the Omaha metropolitan area may be charged with offenses related to the possession or distribution of drugs. People from other states may be accused of transporting controlled substances into Nebraska or traveling through the state while carrying drugs. Law enforcement officials in Bellevue and Sarpy County may arrest and prosecute people for multiple types of drug-related offenses, and those who are convicted will face serious penalties.

Defending against drug charges requires a strong knowledge of Nebraska law and an understanding of the potential defense strategies that may be used to avoid a conviction. At Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O., our skilled attorneys know how to address drug crime accusations, and we are dedicated to helping Nebraska residents and people from out of state protect their rights and resolve their cases successfully.

Types of Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Bellevue fall into several different categories, and people who are arrested may face multiple types of charges. Drug charges may include:

  • Drug possession: A person who is accused of carrying a controlled substance on their person or possessing drugs in their vehicle or other property may be charged with possession of controlled substances. The specific charges will depend on factors such as the types of drugs involved in a case and the amounts a person allegedly possessed. Possession of marijuana in small amounts might result in a misdemeanor charge, but a person accused of possessing a larger quantity or a more dangerous drug like heroin may face felony charges.
  • Possession with intent to distribute: When someone is found with a significant quantity of drugs or with paraphernalia suggesting they intend to sell or distribute the drugs, they may be charged with possession with intent. This charge is more severe than simple possession, since other people may be affected by substances that are considered to be dangerous.
  • Drug manufacturing: Charges related to the production or cultivation of controlled substances are more serious than simple possession. Drug manufacturing may include growing marijuana plants or operating a meth lab. These offenses are typically charged as felonies due to the potential harm to the community and the involvement in the drug supply chain.
  • Drug trafficking: Accusations that a person is involved in the transportation, distribution, and sale of large quantities of controlled substances across multiple states may lead to federal drug charges. Trafficking charges often apply to those involved in organized drug operations, and convictions can result in long prison sentences, especially if large amounts of drugs are involved.

Specific Substances That May Lead to Drug Charges

The penalties for drug crimes can vary depending on the substances involved. These cases may be related to drugs such as:

  • Heroin: This highly addictive opioid is considered to be one of the most dangerous drugs. Offenses related to heroin often result in felony charges, and the penalties can include long prison sentences, hefty fines, and mandatory rehabilitation programs.
  • Cocaine: Possession of even a small amount of this drug can lead to serious charges, while larger quantities can result in trafficking charges. Cocaine distribution and manufacturing are heavily penalized due to the drug's high potential for abuse and addiction.
  • Methamphetamines: Crystal meth, speed, and other related drugs are often associated with significant health risks and potential harm to communities. Possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of meth are all serious offenses in Bellevue and other parts of Nebraska. People accused of operating meth labs may be targeted by law enforcement due to the dangers they pose to the public.
  • Marijuana: While cannabis has been legalized in some states, Nebraska still treats it as an illegal controlled substance. Possession of small amounts may result in misdemeanor charges, but possession of larger quantities, growing marijuana plants, or distributing the drug to others can lead to felony charges. 

Incarceration for Drug Charges in Bellevue

People who have been arrested for drug crimes in Bellevue will be processed through the local legal system. Those arrested for drug-related offenses are typically held in the Sarpy County Jail, which is located in Papillion. 

Contact Our Bellevue Drug Charges Defense Attorneys

For people arrested for drug crimes in Bellevue, Nebraska, it is crucial to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. The knowledgeable, experienced Bellevue criminal defense lawyers at Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. can provide effective legal representation in these cases. We can help develop successful defense strategies to ensure that drug charges can be resolved correctly while minimizing the penalties a person may face. Contact our firm at 402-598-5789 to set up a free consultation and begin building a strong defense. 

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