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Criminal Lawyer for Improper Police Searches Conducted in Douglas County, Including Interstate 80

Getting pulled over by police can be a frightening experience, especially when you are the target of a concerted effort by law enforcement to trap potential offenders. The situation can become even more perilous when officers violate your rights in an effort to make a big drug bust that will net their department headlines and extra income.

This scenario is playing out with dramatically increased frequency throughout Nebraska. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and other states, police have made Interstate 80 a 455-mile fishing expedition as they try to catch drivers transporting legally purchased cannabis and other drugs. This has sparked a surge in illegitimate law enforcement tactics that ignore citizens' rights.

If you were arrested after a traffic stop and subsequent drug dog search that yielded narcotics on board, you need an experienced defense attorney who has achieved favorable outcomes for thousands of clients across the United States. Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. Attorney Tom Olsen is a Former Assistant State Attorney General and Assistant Omaha City Prosecutor. Attorney Olsen aggressively fights for individuals whose unjustified incarceration resulted from a disregard for your civil rights by police. This includes cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin charges.

What is Illegal Search and Seizure?

By definition, illegal search and seizure is an unreasonable search and seizure of a person's property by law enforcement without a search warrant or probable cause to believe the evidence of a crime exists. This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and evidence obtained in such a manner cannot be introduced in a court of law. This is known as the exclusionary rule.

While police cannot be sued for illegal search and seizure due to qualified immunity, which protects law enforcement during the execution of certain aspects of their job, your attorney can ask for dropped charges based on the illegality exhibited by law enforcement officers. This is exactly what you can expect from Attorney Tom Olsen, whose ability to identify illegal search and seizure has aided countless clients.

Illegal Police Stops and Searches

On I-80, police are targeting rental vehicles and drivers with out-of-state license plates who they believe are more likely to carry drugs. A common tactic is to follow a vehicle until the driver makes a minor mistake, pull them over, try to establish some type of suspicion, and call in the K-9 unit. If the drug dog confirms narcotics on board, the search takes place and the arrest is made.

Attorney Tom Olsen will fully examine the facts of your case to determine if police violated your Constitutional rights. He vehemently fights against these highly questionable and often illegal methods based on subjective or preconceived notions that can unjustly ruin a person's life. You can trust he will defend you to the fullest extent, whether in pursuit of dropped or reduced charges or in negotiations with prosecutors for the best possible outcome.

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