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A felony charge in Nebraska can come with life-altering ramifications. A conviction almost certainly means incarceration, heavy fines, and a stain upon your criminal record that can impact employability for the rest of your life. 

When you face a felony accusation, it is essential you receive trusted legal counsel from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. At this critical juncture, the Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. and Attorney Tom Olsen are prepared to fight for you. Attorney Olsen is a Former Assistant State Attorney General and Assistant Omaha City Prosecutor who has successfully defended thousands of clients facing serious allegations. With 30 years of trial experience, he is Nebraska's premier criminal defense attorney, and the advocate to have by your side in the direst of legal situations.

Felony Charges in Nebraska

A felony is the most serious criminal charge a person can face. Related charges include:

Attorney Tom Olsen has extensive experience in defending clients against these accusations. If you face any of these charges, do not wait any longer to secure trusted legal representation. Call Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. immediately.

Nebraska Felony Classifications

Felonies are classified according to the severity of the crime and whether the accused is a repeat offender. These include:

Class IV felony: Up to two years in prison, 12 months of post-release supervision, and $10,000 fine.

Class IIIA felony: Up to three years in prison, 18 months of post-release supervision, and $10,000 fine.

Class III felony: Up to four years in prison, 24 months of post-release supervision, and $20,000 fine.

Class IIA felony: Up to 20 years in prison.

Class II felony: Minimum one year in prison, maximum of 50 years.

Class ID felony: Minimum three years in prison, maximum of 50 years.

Class IC felony: Minimum five years in prison, maximum of 50 years.

Class IB felony: Minimum 20 years in prison, maximum of life.

Class IA felony: Life in prison.

Class I felony: Death.

How an Experienced Felony Crimes Lawyer Can Help

Attorney Tom Olsen will provide an aggressive, elite-level defense based on the facts of your case and designed to produce the best possible outcome. If law enforcement violated your rights or you are the victim of a false allegation, Attorney Olsen can pursue a full dismissal. If circumstances dictate a plea agreement is an optimal path, his negotiation skills honed over three decades can prove invaluable in securing the deal that best protects your future.

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Olsen Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. and Attorney Tom Olsen are ready to help you today. For a free consultation with a 24/7 Lancaster County felony attorney, contact us at 402-598-5789. We also serve clients in Lincoln County, North Platte, Dawson County, Lexington, Buffalo County, Kearney, Hall County, Grand Island, Hamilton County, Aurora, York County, York, Seward, Sarpy County, and Papillion.

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